Thirteen.02 was started by two women, Asma Heerji and Rozmin Ladha, who along with being the founders of the brand, are also sisters-in-law.

Since the 1960s, Asma's family has made a living by selling watches. Over time, Asma has seen all different kinds of watches. She admired watches that were fashionable, appreciated the ones that were adaptable, praised the ones with truthful construction, and commended the few that were also affordable. But for the consumer, it always felt like a game of sacrifice: there wasn't a single watch that embodied it all.

So she began to ask more questions, visit vendors around the globe, and sharing her findings with her sister-in-law, Rozmin.

Together, they had a vision to create the unicorn of all watches.

  • A watch with sophisticated style
  • A watch with interchangeable design
  • A watch made with high quality materials
  • A watch with an accessible price point

Nope, not four watches. One watch, built on four points of excellence.

A watch for the every day woman.

  • For the happy hour enthusiast
  • For the culinary star
  • For the overachiever
  • For the frequent flyer

This watch was made for you.