About Us


Thirteen.02 watches are modern, colorful, and affordable timepieces crafted for the everyday women.

Asma Heerji's family has been in the watch business since the 1960s. Asma grew up helping her parents run their watch wholesale and repair store but always knew that she wanted more. She didn't want to resell other brand's watches because nothing she saw in the market had everything she thought was important in a watch. To her, not only did a watch need to be stylish, it also needed to be versatile, made of high quality materials, and affordable. Although there were watches out there that had a few of these qualities, she didn't see anything in the market that had everything.

So she approached her sister-in-law, Rozmin Ladha, and together they created Thirteen.02 watches on the premise that great style and high quality don't have to be expensive. The women wanted the name of the brand to represent them while still being classic and timeless. They did this by using numbers to combine their birthdays, Rozmin was born on July 13 and Asma was born on April 2, hence the name Thirteen.02.

For these women it was not just about creating a watch, it was about creating a lifestyle. Thirteen.02 watches were crafted to be comfortable, beautiful, and personalized, for the lawyer, the mom, the student, the nurse – for the everyday woman.