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With the hustle and bustle of life, not all of us can keep up with the latest in the world of television. And now there are these things called podcasts too?!! Well don't worry, here at Thirteen.02, were keeping up with some of the latest shows and series to make sure you stay in the know. Here’s a little taste of the things that currently have our attention.


Gilmore Guys Podcast 

We are big fans of Gilmore Girls here at Thirteen.02 and are super psyched about the revival! For those who have never experienced this witty and fast paced show, now is your time to watch all 7 seasons on Netflix!

And while y’all are at it, listen to the Gilmore Guys podcast! The hosts, Kevin and Demi, are two funny dudes that talk all about the show (and went to our alma mater UT Austin). They go in-depth and break down the show with special guests to talk, analyze, and chat about the show! They even do live shows around the the US and Canada. We went to one of their live shows in September and it was an absolute blast. Check 'em out!

See Something, Say Something

Another podcast we are listening to comes from Buzzfeed, it’s called See Something, Say Something. The podcast discusses the American Muslim experience in this day an age - and it’s fantastic! They talk about a variety of subjects such as, fandom, media, and representation.

Episodes publish weekly (usually on Fridays) on the Buzzfeed website as well as on iTunes. Give them a listen!


This is Us 

This is Us is a show on NBC and it’s one that definitely surprised us. It’s show all about people, connections and relationships. The series follows twins Kate and Kevin along with their adopted brother Randall as their lives intertwine. The episodes weave through past and present stories of the characters. The flashback scenes take place in Pittsburgh, while the current scenes are split between Los Angeles and New York. Give this show a shot! It’s sweet, honest and relateable!


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